About payment methods

PayPal Account holder Please pay with your Paypal account, where no extra charge would be asked.
Please click on "Choose a way to pay" at the bottom right after you complete your order.

What is Paypal ?

It is a safe online payment without exposing credit card information to us and having your money send free of charge.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Non-PayPal account holder Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can still pay your due by your credit card in accordance with our "Request Money" e-mailed thru PayPal system. Since the request will be sent promptly after the order is confirmed, you can simply follow the procedure instructed by PayPal. This is a quite reliable payment system for your purchase of our goods.
If your payment is not confirmed in a week after sending the “Request Money”, the order will be automatically canceled.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

About delivery methods